The ultimate guide for Chinese women

Ohne Unterschied der Rassen ... Copyright by Dieter Schütz /

Ohne Unterschied der Rassen … Copyright by Dieter Schütz /

Dear all!

I am Aljoscha Utermark. A German, who has spent several years working and living on Mainland China. During these years I had to face several times the challenge “Chinese women”. I must regret that I have been not as successful as some American guys, but Germans can offer something, too. I do know that you know what we Germans can offer.

German men can offer:

  • punctuality,
  • tidiness,
  • seriousness,
  • thoroughness and
  • blond hair.

As you can see I have listed some of the most common stereotypes about the “bad” Germans or like one of my British officer collegues denoted it during a military mission the”bloody Germans”.

Hm, I guess that this black-and-white-thinking is a little bit old fashioned in a global village, but I guess that a lot of people still think by using boxes like that. In the P.R.C. I have recognized that a lot of people there have a lot of of these stereotypes about the West and about the Western lifestyle in their heads. Maybe this is a result of very successful cultural brainwashing and media censorship.

In my first book I am trying (!) to make fun in a satirical manner about these mental concepts of many Chinese men and Chinese women I had the opportunity to get to know.

But I can admit that to live abroad broadens first of all the own mind and therefore I have integrated on these 122 pages some criticism on typical German behavior, too. My goal had been to provide a funy, but balanced view on the “clash of civilization” between white men and Chinese women.

The book is at present only available in German, but sooner or later it will be translated into English. Please check it out and please don´t forget to give me a feedback. Thanks.

Best regards,

a German fool

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